Count Point and AutoCharge operations in Routing

Count point off / Autocharge On – Always but not critical

This is used for those operations which we always perform but they are not critical. The purpose is to skip them during move transactions and decrease manual effort. Example can be cleaning the assembly after it is completed.

It is used for non-bottleneck operations, unimportant but mandatory operations. As this operation is auto charge on, so the cost will be taken care while cost rollup.

Count point off / Autocharge Off – Occasional

This is used for operations which are not mandatory but are required in special cases. It can include rework of assembly. Wip does not complete the operations and charge its resource to your job unless you explicitly record it in move transactions. Also, you need to charge the resources manually and the variance account will be hit.

Count point on / AutochargeOn–Critical

This is used for critical and mandatory operations and these operations will automatically defaulted as destination operation in Move transactions window.  As Autocharge is on, costs will be automatically charged to accounts.

Count point off/Autocharge On – Not permitted

It is because when operation is mandatory, how it is possible to charge the cost always.